Moderne Designer Gartenhäuser modular für jeden Anspruch. Mit und ohne Dachbegrünung.
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The Garden[Q] principle: Designer garden hut with structure.

In a traditional Garden hut, plenty of room is not used. Often access is hindered by things standing around.

At the Garden[Q] we refrained from accessibility for the benefit of additional storage space. In the Garden[Q] you do not need to go into, in order to get something out!

Access from the three outer sides provides direct access to all gardening tools. The modular design creates a high degree of order! In a Garden[Q], you can store four times more than in a comparably large garden shed!

Der moderne Gartenschrank mit FlachdachDas moderne designer Gartenhaus aus holz mit Pultdach

Das moderne Gartenhaus zum selber aufbauenGartenhaus mit komplexem Innenleben

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