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The Garden[Q] is available in different versions. For all needs and every budget. Please scroll down or open the products with prices for printing. More Garten[Q]-Products.

Der Garten[Q] Teras ist der modernste Gartenschrank und ideal für Terassen ist dar Garten auch noch so klein!

Garden[Q]Teras :: Modern garden cabinet with whistle

The ideal garden Cabinet for all small gardens and roof terraces. At only 160 cm x 80 cm base area you get more stowed as in a small garden hut! Completely maintenance-free with and without the possibility of roof greening.

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Garden[Q]UNO :: Garden shed with green roof

The best materials, top design, full facilities. The garden shed UNO is a real eye-catcher for every garden and as a "miracle of space" a real log cabin alternative. Completely maintenance-free!

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Garden[Q]pure :: The pure design garden house

The pure designer garden house with plenty of storage space for your gardening tools. The Garden[Q]pure is build with high-quality materials. It's interior leaves nothing to be desired. Completely maintenance-free!

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Das perfekte Gartenhaus mit Fahrrad Unterbringung: Garten[Q]BIKE

Garten[Q]BIKE :: the garden shed with bicycle storage area

The largest model with 2 m x 2 m x 2.20 m. Inside you will find fourtimes more place for devices as in any comparably large garden hut, plus bicycles.

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Der perfekte GartenschrankDer bessere Gartenschrank für DachterrassenGartenschrank für kleine Gärten modern und stylisch und viel StauraumDer Geräteschrank wenn wenig Platz zu Verfügung steht

The modern tool shed with a difference!

Der moderne Design Gartenschrank!

On little space you get much more stowed away as in a conventional garden cabinet for gardening tools. Due to its mass, it is suitable as cabinet of roof terrace or larger balcony. You get these tool shed with and without the possibility of roof greening.

To open from two or three sides, thus your [Q] can be placed in a corner, also. You can configure free all the shelves themselves. Much like in a closet or Bookshelf.

Whether Garden[Q]Teras covered or bright colors, the modern tool shed always looks great! More than 50 colors are available. Optionally with many or little strips.

You have any questions? -Write us, we will gladly answer them.

Floor area: approx. 1.60 m x 0.80 m
Overall height: 1.60 m
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Das kleine Gartenhaus für kleine Gärten Der wartungsfreie Gartenschrank ist aus Metall und Kunststoff Dieser Gartenschrank ist aus Kunststoff und komplett witterungsbeständig.

Der Gartenschrank für Reihenhausgärten Der Gartenschrank aus Metall und Kuststoff ist absolut wartungsfrei. Der Gartenschrank für moderne Architektur. Der moderne Gartenschrank aus Kunststoff ist komplett wartungsfrei




Garten[Q]UNO Logo

Der moderne Gartenschrank verstaut alle Gartengeräte flexiebel und geordnet.Weit mehr als ein Gartenschrank! Der Garten[Q]Das bessere und modernere Gartenhaus: Mehr Platz auf wenig RaumDas Gartenhaus der Zukunft ist jetzt schon erhältlich!

The better alternative to a Garden House: Order and design!

The Garden[Q]UNO gives pure joy while gardening. Many different deep shelfs, hatchs and drawers are hidden behind its doors. Of course, you can arrange the shelves according to your individual needs.

It has a comfortable roof structure with possibility of roof greening. The modern designer garden house has a scuffproof floor construction consisting of a special plastic plate and height-adjustable feet. The Garden[Q] is quickly built and dismantled in the event of a move or a reconfiguration of your garden.

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Base area: 1.58 x 1.58 m
Overall height: 1.58 m
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Kleines Gartenhaus weiss Gartenhaus klein in modernen grau Gartenhaus klein mit Flachdach

kleines Gartenhaus begrünbar mini Gartenhaus als Würfel Gerätehaus klein




Das moderne Design Gartenhaus für moderne Architektur Das Gartenhaus Design mit Flachdach als Würfel Der moderne Gartenschrank auch für Kindergärten und Kinderkrippen Das Gartenhaus für Wohnanlagen, Sportstätten und Gewerbeimmobilien.

The modern designer garden hut - modern and flexible.

Der Garten[Q]pure ist das moderne Gerätehaus auch für kleine Gärten.

The Garden[Q]pure is the modern garden hut for small gardens. It combines design with functionality and is completely maintenance-free. As with all Garden[Q], the complete interior has an intelligent structure for usage as storage space. Due to the missing possibility of roof greening, it is the affordable alternative to the Garden[Q]UNO. This gives the Garden[Q]pure a more stylish design and even more storage space. - All models convince in terms of processing, quality and maintenance-free. - A designer garden hut must be so: modern and functional.

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Base area: 1.58 x 1.58 m
Overall height: 1.58 m
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Das moderne Designergartenhaus für kleine Gärten und Wohnanlagen


Das wartungsfreie Gartenhaus aus Kunststoff Das moderne Gartenhaus aus Metall Das wartungsfreie Gartenhaus aus Holz





Gartenq bike logo

Gartenhaus mit Fahrradunterstand: Der Garten[Q]BIKE Die perfekte Ordnung im Gartenhaus bietet der Garten[Q]BIKE Gartenhaus für kleine Gärten: Viel Stauraum auf wenig Platz. Garten[Q]

Garden [Q] BIKE :: The small garden shed with roof and bike shelter

Der Gartenschrank für Fahrräder

The Garden[Q]BIKE is a genuine space saver for those who have to stow a lot of things. The base area is only 2 m x 2 m but you get about four times more stuff into than in a comparably large garden shed - in the usual Garden[Q] -order. The roof and the two-tone painting give a modern look to the garden shed.

On the back you will find a bicycle storage area coupled with a large storage compartment for firewood or garden furniture.

All in all the Garden[Q] BIKE is the modern Garden House for all those who love order and have to stow a lot of lawn tools.

You have any questions? - Write us, we will gladly answer them.
Surface area: 2 m x 2 m (plus 20 cm roof overhang)
Overall height: 2.20 m
More info: See downloads

Das moderne Gartenhaus mit Pultdach ungestrichen Naturholz. Gartenhaus mit Pultdach fertig gestrichen.

Fahrradhaus verschließbarHier bringen Sie alle Geräte aus Ihrer Garage in diesem kleinen Gerätehaus unter.Das rote flexible Gartenhaus muss einhach überstrichen werden.Das rote flexible Gartenhaus muss einhach überstrichen werden.

Werkzeugwand im Garten. Das Gartengerätehaus GartenQ BIKEDer Garten[Q]BIKE macht Freude